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Cooperation instead of confrontation.


Green Cross Switzerland facilitates overcoming consequential damages caused by industrial and military disasters and the clean-up of contaminated sites from the period of the Cold War. Central issues are the improvement of the living quality of people affected by chemical, radioactive and other types of contamination, as well as the promotion of a sustainable development in the spirit of cooperation instead of confrontation. This includes the involvement of all stakeholder groups affected by a problem.

Environmental Toxin Report 2014

Every year, around nine million people worldwide − most of them children − are dying as the result of environmental toxins. The 2014 Environmental Toxin Report lists the ten leading countries in the clean-up of sites contaminated by lead, mercury, chromium, obsolete pesticides or radionuclides. There are hundreds of thousands of villages in Asia, Africa and Latin America where unsuspecting people are exposed to concentrations of harmful substances that are potentially damaging to health or even fatal.

The Family Club in Chemerisi provides help

Kirill Davidowski from Chemerisi, Belarus, is 7 years old and never gives up: he fights his heart problems with sports and optimism. The village of Chemerisi is only 32 km from Chernobyl, far enough to allow people to live here according to the zoning regulations, but not nearly far enough to be safe from the devastating consequences of the radiation caused by the nuclear disaster. With your help, the Green Cross Family Club provides medical care and vital nutritional information to the highly contaminated village.

EU Youth in Action Programme

Forty-nine young adults from seven countries are involved in the musical programme“2050: The Future We Want” on the occasion of the 20-year Green Cross International anniversary. In the framework of the EU Youth in Action programme, these will be participating in workshops in Vallorbe from 19 August until 5 September 2013. Core objective of the EU Youth in Action exchange programme is to promote the active engagement of young people in society in support of sustainable development and a healthy environment. Through informal learning the topics of environmental disasters, contamination and health will be dealt with through role acting and song in these workshops.

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