The ten leading national clean-up projects at contaminated sites in 2014

Green Cross Switzerland, the independent environmental organisation, is cooperating with the Blacksmith Institute of the USA to publish a list of the ten leading national clean-up projects at contaminated sites in 2014. The top ten list is based on criteria drawn up by an international group of environmental and health experts including researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the City University of New York.


The ten countries in the list have cleaned up at least one contaminated site, with measurable results for the affected population group; they have national intervention plans for cleaning up polluted sites; and they have signed one or more conventions on chemicals or waste such as the Basel, Rotterdam or Stockholm (BRS) Conventions.


The top ten list is arranged in alphabetical order according to country names.


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The Top Ten List of countries turning the corner on toxic pollution 2014 (244 KB PDF)


The 2014 Environmental Toxin Report presents information about the disastrous effects of environmental contamination on the health of 200 million people, and it describes how the development potential of many countries is being held in check as a result. Resolute action must be taken at global level against the hazards posed by sources of environmental toxins by focusing the available resources in order to implement measures and put innovations into practice. The technology required to rectify environmental pollution is already available, as is the relevant specialist expertise.


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Environmental Toxin Report 2014 (8.4 MB PDF file)


Photographs of the ten leading national clean-up projects at contaminated sites in 2014 can be downloaded at:


Environmental Reports


Since 2007, the yearly environmental toxin reports published by Green Cross Switzerland and the Blacksmith Institute have been instrumental in increasing public understanding of the health impacts of toxic pollutants and their sources.


The Environmental Toxin Report 2012 describes known environmental toxins and points to their industrial applications and most frequent health effects. In addition, the Report identifies the ten most important sources of environmental toxins and quantifies, for the first time, the global scale of health damage due to toxic substances. It also shows that the health impacts of industrial pollutants measured are roughly equal to those of the three major global infectious diseases AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.


The Environmental Toxin Report 2011 is based on the estimated number of people affected by the sources of pollution, as well as the number of locations, identified worldwide, where environmental toxins occur in concentrations that are detrimental to health. Reports on the ten most dangerous sources of environmental toxins and the worst pollution problems were issued in the years 2008 and 2010. The environmental report published in 2009 contains case studies concerning successful remediation projects.

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